Learn the art of marketing in the most disruptive yet the simplest manner. Marketing is all about communicating the benefits of your product and not information. We have curated these courses to not only help you in becoming a Master Marketer but also to bring the difference at large at your workplace.

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Quick, Easy and Effective. Quizzes which help you to get clarity about your situation, problems at work and enable you to pick and choose the right way forward

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Create The Right Marketing Strategy With Our Professional Training

We all need a helping hand in order to achieve our goals. These training modules will not only enable you but also put you into action to bring the change in how your market & sell your products or services.

Anujj Mehta - Founder
Light Bulb Consulting Academy

Most courses on marketing don’t talk about your projects. Most books on marketing don’t examine the details of your problems. Most webinars don’t answer your follow-up questions. And there isn’t a consultant in the world who can read your mind to help you through your confusion.

The result? You haven’t made the change that you hope to create. Maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

Our courses will use proven fundamentals, strategies and tools which will enable you to create a better way forward. Our programs have transformed thousands of companies, from entrepreneurs, professionals with no marketing experience to directors in fortune 500 organizations.

You will learn (and do) the critical steps in building a strategy that works.

With our programs you will learn the basic skills for successful modern marketing via multiple channels. Plus our activity section gives you the ability to make the most of your experience. All our programs are designed to guide you to new insights and strategies for your immediate work—no matter where you are in your business.

That’s a big claim, and it’s true. Our programs are structured with a proven, tested process for understanding the basics, for seeing what you’ve been overlooking, and discovering how to make change happen. This is your chance to be part of an amazing program designed by Anujj Mehta, one of the experts in the field of marketing.

Our programs are self-paced, they’re appropriate for experts and for beginners as well. Start where you are and get where you’re going.

If you want to share something, spread something, or build something, you’ll need to market it. Our programs don’t require any experience, only the desire is to show up and do the work in service of making change happen.

If you want to learn, learn by doing. Not by taking notes, or taking a test. In our programs, the effort goes into your project, your problem, your possibility. The more you do, the more you learn.

This is Anujj’s lifetime of hands-on experience in creating marketing that works. In our programs, you’ll learn to understand the changes that have transformed the world of marketing, and even better, how to put these concepts to work for you.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Anujj's learnings are an absolutely new thing, a new way of marketing, and doing business. If I take actions on his said strategies, it can give multiple positive impact on my business.

Sachin Agarwal
Director / Active Power Corp

One of my dear friends referred me to join this program, I am glad that I joined Anujj’s course.   Although this course is mainly on conducting Webinars, even if we implement the teachings in our existing business, I guess we are through. We are halfway through this course and we have learned a lot of new things and already started incorporating it not only in our day to day business activities but also in personal life.   Thank You Anujj and Team LBC

Dinesh Sharma
Managing Director / Sparkle Lighting Solutions

3Anujj Mehta, the founder of LBC is now a good friend of mine. Relations with Team LBC and interaction with Anuj has been very rewarding till now. Over the times that I have observed him, I have found in him to be a man of high energy, someone with detailed knowledge and experience, someone who is easy to talk to and above all he is a person with a truly empathetic human heart, who is always ready to share his knowledge with complete dedication, devotion, and sincerity.   I have been part of many of Anujj's webinars, online classes and there's no denying that I had lots of learning from them. I have consulted him for business strategies too and have found his technique and will to succeed on clients unique and inspiring.   I wish Anujj, and team LBC, all the best!

Aftabuddin Ahmed
Founder / A&M Communication

Talking about the new normal, going digital with the business was something probably on everyone's mind. The question was finding the most refined digital marketing strategies in times of pandemic scenarios. For me, the Light bulb consulting academy came as a fantastic concoction, blend of all features, from the transformation in the content presentation to practicality of business models and connecting with the audience in real-time. It has not only helped me navigate a clear path to a successful digital marketing plan but also empathetically understand customers and their needs being the prime concern.   Mr. Anuj has helped in screening not only relevant information and services as per client needs and satisfaction but also made my decision process easier in many ways. The LBC team being efficient and responsive along with the immense knowledge that they bring to the course has helped me open on many doors of perception and understanding in terms of digital marketing especially through Webinars and Workshops.

Chahat Jain
Founder / Counselling2Wellness.Net

It's been a very rewarding and enlightening relationship and interaction with Team LBC, and especially Anujj. They are extremely high energy, yet easy to talk to, with deep and insightful interactions.   Not only am I a part of the online webinars that are being run by Anujj, but I have also interacted with them for consulting for our business, and in both instances, the focus, insight, dedication, and will to make the client succeed, is extremely high and admirable.   In addition to the recommendations on strategy, starting from the basics and fundamentals, the emphasis on using technology is also quite refreshing. I wish Anujj, and team LBC, all the best!

Kabeer Lal
CEO / The Real Image Company

This is to acknowledge my deep appreciation for Mr. Anujj Mehta Coach, Trainer, and Ideator - Light Bulb consulting who has given an appropriate direction to my pool of knowledge, thought processes, ideas for business growth.   Anujj is very passionate about the delivery of the knowledge he possesses and combines this very skillfully with your own inner-self which is the true driving force for anyone. As you learn from him, you realize that you need to course-correct your journey as you may have been driving your venture superficially while your niche may be lying elsewhere. The focus which you thus achieve helps in multiplying your organizational growth multiple times. He is well adept at using appropriate tools during the training process and takes immense pains to make them amply simple to use. His passion for his subject is truly infectious and the participants overall growth is his solo goal. His sincerity, dedication, and determination for facilitating results on the GO is truly Amazing.   I am yet to complete the training – “Webinars to Grow your Business”, but I have already started to get results in my current business from the modules I have completed. I am confident that the results after completion of the above training shall be truly amazing. I wish him all the best and shall be happy to recommend him to one and all who wish to grow themselves and their organizations.

Anupam Mahajan
Managing Director / Grow More Hitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

My first reason for signing up with Light Bulb Consulting Academy was simple - I trust Anujj Mehta! I have observed him over a period of time & found in him, someone with detailed knowledge, experience, and above it all a truly empathetic human heart who wants to share his knowledge with complete devotion & sincerity.   He is rare in the sense that he is ready to lose business but not waver from his intention to deliver complete & applicable knowledge. LBC program has been a game-changer for me because I was postponing my decision to put myself out there and start creating a model for digital talk platform. Watching his zeal, I get a feeling that I will soon be out of my comfort zone and deliver a program to help out my international clients, who source textile made-ups from India.   Thanks a lot, Anujj. I assure you that I will do you proud.

Vanduta Khurana
Managing Director / Daks India Industries Pvt Ltd
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